Data Visualisation and Reporting

We have extensive expertise in applying descriptive and multivariate data analysis techniques (such as item response modelling, data visualisation, modelling and segmentation) in interpretation and reporting of research findings.

We offer a range of reporting styles from high-level dashboard summaries, designed to rapidly disseminate results, to detailed written reports suitable for publication as a peer-reviewed monographs, to automated reporting and everything inbetween.

Our in-house data visualisation experts combine web design skills with powerful tools such as Power BI, Tableau & R to present your survey data as secure, interactive online dashboards. In developing effective visualisations we first understand the audience, then chose the graphics that tell the story.

Solutions include:

  • KPI’s and top-line reporting with choice of filters and measures
  • Live reporting of fieldwork performance
  • Secure logins with ‘Single Sign On’ for Office 365 users
  • Content based on user group such as region or responsibility

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