Methods Research

October 2019 Socio-demographic Characteristics of Telephone Access in Australia: Implications for Survey Research. To download the full paper, please click here. To view the overview document, click here. Phillips, B.; Barton, J.; Pennay, D.W. and Neiger, D.
September 2019 Text messages and reminder calls in student and alumni web surveys. To download paper, please click here Phillips, B; Compton, S.
July 2019 Building a probability-based online panel: Life in Australia™. To download the full paper please click here Kaczmirek, L.; Phillips, B.; Pennay, D.; Lavrakas, PJ. and Neiger, D.
June 2018 The Online Panels Benchmarking Study: A Total Survey Error comparison of findings from Probability-based surveys and Non-probability online panel surveys in Australia. To download the full paper please click here Pennay, D.W.; Neiger, D.;Lavrakas, P.J.; Borg, K.

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