Pam Muth

Executive Director

Program Evaluation and Qualitative Research

Pam has worked in the health and human services and education sector for over 30 years and has held a variety of positions including: clinician, manager/administrator, government executive and private consultant. Throughout her career in the US, Australia and New Zealand Pam has been responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating education, health and human service policy and programmes on national, state and local levels. She has led the development of cross-government systems that use data to inform state-wide and local planning/policy development and has been heavily involved in implementing outcome based thinking and structures into government departments in the US and Australia.

Pam’s consulting experience includes leading numerous projects for National (Australia and New Zealand), State and Local Governments and for a variety of non-government clients in the education, health and community service sectors. This work focuses on strategic policy and planning, evaluation and review, and measuring outcomes/using data and evidence to drive policy.